Mission and vision


entretantos aims to actively promote and foster the full  incorporation of social participation, collaborative strategies and networking in  socio-economic activities and public policies related to land, sustainability and  environmental management: 

  • Bringing together organisations, groups and professionals working in the field  of intervention and social innovation, education and participation, to explore  together new strategies useful for the development of initiatives and projects. 
  • Researching and proposing ways of collaboration that facilitate and strengthen  the cooperation of the different sectors involved in each of the areas of work  in which we operate.
  • Favouring channels of contact and cooperation between entities and people  who work or have an interest in each of the areas of intervention of the  foundation: agroecology, extensive livestock farming and pastoralism,  common, participation, geo and biodiversity. 
  • Promoting training and capacity building in participation, education,  innovation and social intervention. 
  • Working with the administrations, the social fabric and/or economic agents in  the development of new initiatives for social participation and intervention,  the consolidation of existing ones and the improvement of the resources made  available for these processes.


The Entretantos Foundation aims to become a benchmark organisation in terms of  participation, education and collective construction in the field of the relationship  with the territory and the people who inhabit it: 

  • Playing an important role in the transition towards more sustainable food  systems and promoting research, the development of city-region strategies  and networking projects in this field. 
  • Actively contributing to the defence and support of extensive livestock farming  and pastoralism, as indispensable tools for the maintenance of the rural  environment, traditional knowledge and the landscape and the conservation  of bio-diversity linked to systems of high natural value. 
  • Working to deepen and improve the role that the commons and commons  play as key formulas for improving the management of the collective in all its  areas.
  • Improving the working strategies and methodologies necessary to achieve  more effective citizen participation in public policies and in the collective  construction of new projects and visions.
  • Deepening the development of new initiatives and best practices in the field of  biodiversity and land conservation and environmental management. 
  • Promoting new projects and approaches in the fields of social innovation,  research-action, participation, education and communication applied to the  areas of work and objectives of the foundation.